Sweat Shop Sorority: CRafters & QUILTERS

Who Are We?

The Sweat Shop Sorority is a group of women who get together to have fellowship while creating quilts, lap robes and other useful items. Workers are needed to sew, cut, tie and pin fabrics, but sewing expertise is not necessary. We sponsor and support church projects. Numerous local charities and missions also receive our help.  Quilts and other hand made gift items are available all year.


Where and When Do We Meet?

We meet in the choir room on the first and third Mondays from 8:30AM to 12:00PM. During the summer months (June, July and August) we meet every Monday.

How Do We Operate?

We receive donated supplies from church members and friends which we utilize in our projects in order to keep costs down. Materials that we cannot use are sold at our church rummage sales. We welcome donations of supplies all year.


Who Can Participate?

All women are welcome to join us in our warm, friendly and spiritual environment.